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"The selected identity is a custom logotype which extends the two ‘L’s in Wally, a subtle yet playful representation of the way the sensors use the copper wiring in walls to communicate with the Sensor Hub. The color palette and photography art direction is warm and friendly, reinforcing the approachable and humanistic attributes of the brand.Once all of the brand visual elements were defined, Character extended the design language across all consumer touch points, from retail packaging (structure and design), website (UX and visual design), to mobile app (UX and visual design) and  to Wally’s event booth (structure and design)."

Character is a San Francisco-based branding and design agency with a passion for launching, rejuvenating and propelling brands. Their goal is to create lasting and meaningful relationships between their client’s brand and their audience through smart thinking and thoughtful design. They aim to do this by crafting stories that touch people on a personal level, sparking a change in their everyday behavior.

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